RIVERSIDE: Fairmont Fire Threatens Homes

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Around 11:00 am today, Riverside City Fire responded to multiple calls of a Vegetation Fire in the Riverbottom. Callers put the fire near the Dog Park, and near Fairmont Park. Battalion One recognised the smoke to be near the American Legion in Fairmont park and diverted all units to that location. Upon arrival, a half acre brush fire was discovered near a homeless encampment out behind the American Legion with several spot fires that were threatening homes in the area. Battalion One Requested more firefighters for both the fire and as a protection for the homes. The outstanding work by the Firefighters had the majority of the fire knocked down before the additional firefighters arrived. Assistance from Riverside County Fire was requested for a Brush fire Engine to be able to make access and deal with the stubborn fire in the dense trees in between Fairmont Park and the actual riverbottom. The fire was enough of a concern that it made it to Three Alarms. According to the City of Riverside’s Fire Department, the cause is currently under investigation.

Location of the Fire:

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