Who we are

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We are your neighbors. We live here in the community. We work here in the community. We support our neighbors. We operate under the old reporters code of integrity and ethics. We give it to you straight.

Our logo is simple but powerful. Life is not black and white. So we chose a color to represent real life: Grey. It is in the Grey that Life happens. Sure there is always two sides of a story, but the truth lies in the middle, in that “grey” area. And that is where we report from. No bias. No bull. Just the news, and no ads.

We are Stringers:

Stringers are independent news gatherers. Sometimes our stories are picked up by the major news outlets, and they pay a fee to use our materials. Just look for our logo in the upper right hand corner of the image/video. Feel free to let us know when someone else is using our material, send us an email at michael@birchmanng.com

All of our work is Copyrighted and Protected by law. Share our work for free personally, but if you make money on it, then we make money on it. Sure, this means that it costs us money to do this, and we so far have run in the red, but hey, you are worth it!